Castlevania Playthrough Update

Well, it’s Halloween. I think now its obvious that I’m not going to meet my goal of playing through every legacy Castlevania title before the end of the day. But, I gave it a good shot! To be honest, I covered way more ground than I even thought was possible. How did I manage to play so many games to completion in such a short amount of time you might ask? Well, it wasn’t easy and it got progressively harder as the month went on.

The first few games on the list were easy enough. Most of them could be completed in one sitting. In fact, that was really key. The day I sat down to start this project I actually played and completed the first three games all in one afternoon/evening. I simply spread out my review posts over the course of a few days. I was able to keep this pace until I got to my first real curveball; Symphony of the Night. This game was considerably longer than the games that came before it. But thanks to a well placed days off and and being head of schedule, I was able to keep my reviews updated, even if my playing had slowed down.

Sadly, at this point my posts have caught up with my playtime. I’m almost finished with Curse of Darkness. After which, I have two more DS titles and a Wii game. At that point the original series will be complete. There is of course a remake of Castlevania Adventure on the Wii Virtual Console, and then a quirky multiplayer mashup. Needless to say, things are going to get a bit slower. I’m going to continue with the playthrough and hopefully finish up in November.

If I had no other distractions, I think I may have been able to pull this off. I have admittedly been distracted by a number of things. The original version of Final Fantasy XIV is about to end. I have been very busy collecting once-in-a-lifetime achievements for the game, as well as playing the new Wizardry Online beta.

I plan to restore some normalcy to the blog in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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