Enter the Wii U

This Christmas, my son will unwrap a brand-spanking new Wii U. He has absolutely no clue he will getting one.

For those of you not in the know, the Wii U is Nintendo’s successor to the highly popular Wii. It is backwards compatible with Wii games and controllers and will also retain Virtual Console functionality. Aside from a nice upgrade in graphic and processor power, the Wii U also features a new touchscreen style game pad. Sadly, this device is not compatible with GameCube discs. However, Nintendo has hinted that GC games will soon be available for purchase from the eShop.

I have to admit, the first time I saw the device I was a little less than enthused. It seemed very gimmicky to me. In fact, I had all but decided to wait this one out a bit. However, my son started dropping hints, and well, I kinda wanted one too so the choice was easy.

The hardest part will be waiting for Christmas to drop it on him. Expect a full post-Christmas report on my thoughts and also his experiences with the system.

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