Distant Worlds

As many of my readers might know, I am a rabid Final Fantasy fan. I’ve played nearly every title in the main series as well as several of the offshoots. One of my favorite aspects of these games is the wonderful music that is featured in them. Being the collector that I am, I have amassed a large collection of Final Fantasy soundtracks over the years. They are great to listen to when you are reading, studying, etc. Among them all, some of my favorites are the Distant Worlds live symphonic albums. The records feature classic Final Fantasy tunes played by a full symphony orchestra.

After several years, I’m happy to say I have finally been able to attend a Distant Worlds concert in person and it was nothing short of fantastic!

For those unfamiliar with the concert, I’d highly suggest doing a little digging around on YouTube for some footage or better yet, make plans to attend. It was simply an amazing experience. I’m thankful my wife was able to share the experience with me. It certainly made some new powerful memories for us both.

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