Update: Final Fantasy Initiative

Just a brief update regarding the my Final Fantasy playthrough initiative.  So far on this site, I’ve played and reviewed every game in the series from the original Final Fantasy all the way to Final Fantasy XI (and it’s expansions). This brings us to Final Fantasy XII.

Now, I started playing this title on my PS3 about a month ago but I’m only about five hours in so far. I blame summer vacation on this delay. My kids are home full time and there’s a lot of competition for the TV. On top of that, the game has some minor graphics issues on the PS3. It’s quite playable, but the emulation seems to struggle with this title a bit. On top of that, I have a sneaking suspicion that SE is going to announce an HD remake of the FFXII at E3 later this month. So, I’m going to put my playthrough on hold while I wait to see if there is an announcement. If not, I’ll resume my playthrough right away. If XII HD is announced, I may decide to place the FF playthrough on hold until the release. We shall see. Have no fear, if such a thing does occur, I’ll be sure to resume my exploration in PS1 titles (a task I was undertaking prior to the FF playthrough).



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