Updates: Fall 2015

Hello readers. I wanted to take a few moments to provide some updates regarding that status of this little blog of mine.

First, I’m sad to announce a temporary hiatus in regards to the RetroSensei Podcast. Recently, I experienced some plumbing problems in my home that did great damage to a large part of my kitchen floor. As a result, I now face what will likely be a pretty expensive repair bill. Luckily, insurance will cover a big part of it, but I do expect to have some out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, I’m tightening up the household budget and eliminating any extra expenses. As some of you probably know, to host a podcast there are fees involved. My monthly host currently charges about $17 a month for the plan I needed. While I know that $17 doesn’t sound like a lot of money, every bit counts. So the decision was made to put the podcast on hold until this whole fiasco is sorted out.

That being said, the monthly cost of running this site is considerably less, and that will go untouched. So have no fear, the blog is not going anywhere! Plus, the podcast will return at some point. In the meantime, I’ll be posting an archive of the old episodes in the very near future.

So, what else is going on? Well, as far as game reviews go, I’m continuing with my Final Fantasy playthrough. I plan to be caught up on my reviews just in time for the release of XV. Also, it’s now October… that means it’s also time for some scary games. I don’t intend on a month-long extravaganza like I had last year. But stay tuned, I promise to deliver some spooky game reviews as always.


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