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By now, I’m sure that everyone who wants to has seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As far as the film goes, I’m waiting for the home release next month before talking about the movie itself, but in keeping with my tradition of reviewing Star Wars novels, I wanted to take a moment to discuss Before the Awakening.

Marketed towards young adults, Before the Awakening is truly a must read for any Star Wars fan. This book is actually a collection of three short stories. Each story focusing on the characters of Finn, Rey, and Poe – just before the events of the Force Awakens. The stories do a wonderful job of providing just enough backstory on the characters to flesh them out a bit without ruining any of the real mystery behind the characters themselves.

I burned through this book in the course of one evening and I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. If you can’t enough of this new generation of Star Wars, do yourself a favor and grab this collection. It can be found for under $10 on Amazon and at most retailers.

Story: All three tales are fantastic. I found Rey’s story to be my favorite. But I really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes insights on both Finn and Poe’s origins as well. Great stuff.

Recommended:  FOR ALL FANS. – If you enjoyed The Force Awakens, this book is for you. If you want more of a Star Wars fix, don’t hesitate. This book is well worth your time.

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