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This is a feature I’ve been wanting to bring to the site for some time. Coffee reviews. Yes. That’s right. In addition to my video game, comics book and Star Wars literature reviews, I am now adding K-Cup coffees to the mix.  Why, do you ask? Well, I have long had a deep love affair with coffee. For me, it’s a comfort food, as well as a way to stay productive. Many of these late night game sessions and early morning reviews wouldn’t be possible without a little caffeine boost. I’ve always been a fairly picky coffee drinker, to be honest. My brew of choice has long been Gevalia’s House Blend. But recently, my wife and I purchased a Keurig single-serving coffee maker and between the two of us, we’ve gone nuts sampling many of the various varieties now available. With so many options available, and the rising popularity of K-cups among consumers, I thought it to be a fine idea to share my thoughts on them here.

Now, let me be up front about something. I’m no food critic. I’d be just as content with a Quarter Pounder from McDonalds as I would be some fancy four-star plate. So, you won’t be hearing me talk about the “woody notes” or “acidic finishes” that you may find in other coffee reviews. I’m sure I have no idea how to “properly” taste anything, much-less something as complex a coffee blend. I’m just going to share my thoughts in plain terms.

For my first review, I thought I’d start with something simple and basic. The Original Donut Shop coffee by “The Coffee People” is just that.  Essentially, this is a clone of “Dunkin’ Donuts” brand coffee.  In the US, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is extremely popular with many drinkers. In fact, you’ll find “Donut Shop” or “Donut House” knock offs, all over. Most major supermarkets have their own generics.  This is Coffee People’s spin on it.

I don’t typically drink my coffee black. But anytime I try a new brand, I always have an untainted sip to get a feel for the actual product itself. In my daily use, I add in a dose of sweet cream – that’s it for me. So, how does this coffee taste?  Well, this is essentially a middle of the road, “please everyone” type of brew. It’s a medium roast, so that means it’s full-flavored, but not too bitter or burnt tasting. It’s certainly a blend of different coffee beans. You can taste that pretty easily, but it’s well balanced blend. I personally prefer blended coffee over single source as a general rule, so that’s no issue for me. The flavor is a bit difficult to describe, it’s bold and complex. A bit earthy, spicy – but in a good way. It’s just a well rounded blend. I was surprised at how much I liked this coffee. In fact, at the moment, I think it’s actually my personal favorite.  This is a solid anytime cup of coffee.

Coffee snobs will tell you that any coffee that doesn’t come from a single source isn’t worth your time. I say, drink what you like and who cares what the experts say. I found Original Donut Shop to be enjoyable. It’s a fine cup to kick start your morning with. It’s also just a nice in the evening when you want to unwind in front of the tv. Or in my case, in front of your favorite game.

Score:  4 out of 4

Would Buy Again?:  Yes. This is a fantastic quality blend of  “generic” coffee.  Flavorful, and rich. Yet, mild and perfect for nearly everyone.

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