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For this week’s Nerd Fuel post, I set aside my mug of Donut Shop (which is still my favorite K-Cup, by the way) and dove into some of the coffees offered by Green Mountain. Green Mountain *IS* the parent company behind Keurig. So there are oodles of options to choose from under their label. As I mentioned in the last post, until recently my favorite coffee had been Gevalia’s House blend. So I figured I’d try something similar and pick up Green Mountain’s “Nantucket Blend”.

Nantucket Blend is a blend of four different coffees. It’s labeled as a medium roast, and like most medium roasts it does have a pretty rich flavor. But, I found it be a bit weak when compared to other medium roast coffees I’ve tried. The taste is mild, but complex. It’s a bit earthy and tart but in a good way. You can certainly taste a lot going on in this mix, but to me, nothing really stands out. I found my cups of Nantucket Blend to be enjoyable but when the box was gone, I wasn’t left with anything special enough to rave about.

If you are looking for a general purpose coffee with lots of flavor, but dislike the bitterness that can sometimes come with a medium or dark roast, Nantucket Blend might be a good option. There’s certainly nothing off-putting about this cup. But for some, like myself, who prefer a darker roast – it’s not likely to be your go-to flavor. That being said, this certainly a great quality coffee compared to the slop that US groceries store has traditionally sold us.  I’m so happy that we have finally reached a renaissance period in coffee drinking here in the USA.

Score: 3 out of 4

Would Buy Again?:  Unlikely. This is not a bad cup of coffee at all. But, there are better medium roast blends out there.

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  1. I love Nantucket Blend. I just got a fancy coffee machine that grinds whole beans for a single cup. It appears they don’t sell this as a whole bean. Just ground and kcup. Is there another coffee that you found similar to Nantucket blend? Thanks

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