Nerd Fuel: Ugly Mug Coffee – Butter Moon

I know I should be strictly reviewing “Christmas themed” coffees this time of year. But here is a find that was too unique for me to pass up. I found this on aisle of my local grocery store. It was a brand I’ve never heard of before, and after a little research, I learned it’s actually local company. That being said, I’m unsure how widely available it might be. I’m talking about Ugly Mug Coffee. More specifically, their “Butter Moon” flavor. Everything about this box called to me, so I decided to pick it up and give it ago.

First off, this is a medium-light roast. It smells surprisingly like buttered popcorn while brewing – something I was not expecting, even despite the name. The aroma is divine. I couldn’t wait to dive into this cup. The flavor is interesting; It has a velvety butter/caramel flavor with a bit of a nutty finish. This roast is heavily flavored, but it’s nice and smooth. It’s hard to taste the complexity of the blend underneath the flavoring. But, to be honest, this really didn’t bother me at all. The coffee was so good, I hardly cared.

I usually tend to stay away from smaller, more artisan roasters. Simply because it’s often hit or miss when it comes to availability. If I find something I enjoy, I want to be able to acquire it with relative ease. This coffee has me reconsidering. It was hit with my entire family.

I can’t recommend this coffee enough. Of course, if you’re a stalwart flavored-coffee hater, you’ll find little here to change your mind. But if you’re like me and enjoy different variants, this coffee is certainly worth your time. I’m going to be hunting down another box of this VERY soon. It is THAT good.

Score: 4 out of 4

Would buy again?:  YES! A new favorite. I was very pleased with the quality and uniqueness of this coffee. My only concern is being able to find it again, as I discovered it at an out-of-the-way grocer, and their stock changes so rapidly, its hard to find the same thing twice.


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