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Recently I complained about the lack of new coffee options at my local grocery store. This led me to venture out of town in search of some new varieties to sample. As a result of my efforts, I have found a number of new (at least to me) and exciting flavors and blends to share with you all. Today, I’m going to take a look at a new release by Community Coffee. I’ve discussed their Cafe’ Special blend in the past and I was extremely impressed by it. So, when I found out they now have a special “Private Reserve” label, I was more than eager to try it. For this review, I picked up a box of their Private Reserve: Founder’s Blend. These Private Reserve coffee are special blends made to be commemorative. The intent is to honor one thing or another, thereby creating a coffee that is supposed to capture the essence of whatever it is they are celebrating. Sounds intriguing and artful? Yes. Realistically gimmicky? Probably. Regardless, I was intrigued enough to give it a try.

This coffee was crafted in attempt to honor the founder of Community Coffee, a man known as Cap Saurage. It is a blend of several different African and South American sourced beans. It’s a medium roast that’s a bit on the darker side, but with a rather mild aroma. The flavor is also fairly mild, with little bitterness. It’s good. But to be honest, it doesn’t stand out from many other “house blends”. However, it does have a unique smoothness that would make it ideal for an iced coffee.

I like seeing these coffee companies venturing out into new territory. Without a doubt, this a very high quality product. But there’s very little about it that makes it stand out against the competition. The extra dollar or so that they are charging for this “premium” label doesn’t really seem justified when I find most other signature blends to be just as well crafted. Regardless, it’s certainly worth picking up if you want a higher quality “please everyone” coffee. Good stuff, but not unique enough to rave about

Score: 3 out of 4

Would Purchase again?: Maybe. Definitely a good brew, but not particularly better than their Cafe’ Special offering which is available for a lower cost.


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