Introducing: OldGameHermit

Today, I’d like to announce a major change to the site. Effective 9/11/2019, has officially become!

This is something I’ve been kicking around for quite some time. To explain the change, please allow me a moment to give you a little history surrounding the origins of this blog. Initially, when I started this site back in 2012, it was called 8bitwizard. This was name that summed up everything I wanted to portray with my online presence. It brought to mind images of both a wizened old sage and well as suggesting a focus on 8-bit retro gaming. As the years went by and my audience grew larger, I knew I had outgrown what Blogger was able to offer. That’s when I decided to purchase my own domain and manage my blog directly. At the time I was domain hunting, was taken by a comicstrip artist. When I contacted him to inquire about buying the domain, he gave me a very unreasonable offer. So, I had to come up with something new. Hence, the RetroSensei name was born.

Like 8bitwizard, I felt that “RetroSensei” also represented the message I was trying create with my personal brand. But over the years, I’ve found myself having to explain the meaning of the name to others. Or, when mentioning the site verbally, having to repeat or even spell the name to interested parties. I’ve known for quite some time the name “Retro Sensei” just wasn’t the best option. So after lots of thought and deliberation, I decided that the “character” of  Retro Sensei would evolve into the Old Game Hermit. Same idea, but with more familiar language.

For the next few months, the URL will still work. It will simply redirect to the new domain. But eventually, the old domain hosting will expire. So update your bookmarks!

I’ve taken steps to update the branding everywhere on the site to reflect the new name. But there may be a few nooks and crannies that I’ve missed. If so, I apologize for the confusion and ask that you pardon the mess while I put the finishing touches on everything.

Old Game Hermit


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