Nerd Fuel: Green Mountain – Maple Pecan

Autumn is finally here! It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season of the year. And while temperatures are still a little warmer than normal here in mountains of Tennessee, there’s no denying a hint of chill to the misty morning air. As usual, with the change of seasons comes a whole slew of seasonal coffees. This year, with my new job, I’m actually someone who has a say in just what goes on the grocery shelves, so it’s no small coincidence that the seasonal coffee collection in my local grocery store is a bit better than normal.

To start off this new season of Nerd Fuel reviews, I have an autumn coffee from Green Mountain; Maple Pecan. Now, unless you just go over the top with artificial flavoring, it’s pretty hard to mess up a pecan flavored coffee. But on the other hand, decent maple flavored coffees are pretty rare. So let’s see how this one manages to fare.

To start with, Green Mountain made the interesting choice of going with a light roast for this flavor. That surprised me a bit, as I think these flavors would work quite well with a medium roast. But, I suppose the end goal here was to make a breakfast coffee. So with that in mind, a light roast makes sense. Even though this is a light roasted coffee, the aroma emitted during the brew process is pretty substantial. It’s a nice, rich maple scent that really got me psyched to try a cup.

The coffee itself has a nice smooth flavor. Both the pecan and the maple take center stage, but neither of them seem overpowered. Also, neither flavor has a trace of that artificial syrupy aftertaste that tends to pop up all too often in many of the flavored coffees. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with this coffee. It’s a smooth, but rich flavor that’s absolutely PERFECT for chilly autumn mornings. If you’re looking for a good seasonal coffee to start your mornings with this fall, this one is worth your attention. I’ll be stocking the grotto with this one.

Score: 4 out of 4

Would buy again?:  Yes. This is what flavored coffee should be. Bold, but not overpowered. Good, complementary flavors that don’t completely cover the taste of the coffee itself. This is a great seasonal selection by Green Mountain.



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