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This is a coffee review that I originally intended to write during the month of October. However, a sudden schedule change at work and the vast revamp of this site sort of put things on hold for a bit. Regardless, I’m here today to discuss another flavored coffee offering from Bones Coffee. This time, I’m taking a look at From Dusk Till Donuts. (What a name!)

If you’re a pop culture fan like me, you’ll probably recognize the reference to the classic vampire film From Dusk Till Dawn. I suppose the name, along with the colorful vampire skeleton on the front of the package suggests this is supposed to be a Halloween themed coffee. But honestly, it’s a pretty universal flavor that is perfect for nearly any time of year.

What we have here is jelly donut flavored coffee – and let me tell you, it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ll be up front and state that I really didn’t expect to like this coffee much. Generally speaking, jelly donuts are not really my cup of tea. So even if the flavor in this batch was on point, I didn’t think it would impress me. Well, I was wrong. This coffee is probably the best thing from Bones Coffee that I’ve got my hands on yet.

To start with, the coffee grinds themselves had a very fresh and fragrant scent. This carried over to the brew process as well. But even so, I wasn’t ready for just how enjoyable the taste of this coffee was. In this case, the flavor really is front and center. It’s rich and silky, with a fairly prominent jelly taste. It does drown out that natural flavor of the coffee a bit, so hardcore coffee snobs may not like this aspect. But, I suspect the coffee itself is probably nothing more than a standard “donut shop” blend that been fused with whatever flavor wizardry Bones is conjuring up.

As usual with Bones Coffee, the flavor is very natural tasting. There’s no fake aftertaste or overly sweet syrup in this cup. It’s just a solid, flavorful cup of coffee. This one is a bit more in-your-face than some of their other offerings. But in this case, I think it works well.

If you’re a jelly donut fanatic who also likes coffee, this is one that should certainly be on your radar. But, like me, even if jelly donuts are not your thing, this one might surprise you.

Score: 4 out of 4

Would buy again?:  Yes! I certainly hope this coffee becomes part of their standard rotation. I’d hate to have to wait until next fall just to get another batch.

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