Nerd Fuel: Bones Coffee – Eggnog

Eggnog. For many it’s a staple of the holiday season. But for an equal number of folks, the name is an instant turn off. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, I’m a huge eggnog fan. So when I saw an eggnog flavored coffee from Bones Coffee, I knew I had to give it a try.

Like nearly all of their seasonal coffees, this one starts with quality beans at a medium roast. The first thing I noticed when I opened this bag was the very strong aroma that this coffee exhibits. It’s certainly much stronger than any of the other coffees I’ve tried from Bones so far. The smell is exactly what you’d expect; the unmistakable creamy spice of eggnog.

Once you’ve smelled this coffee, you already know what it tastes like. It hosts a thick, rich eggnog flavor. For the first time since I’ve been purchasing Bones Coffee, I found the flavor to be a little syrupy and over-the-top. But, let me be clear. I’ve tried other eggnog flavored coffees over the years and the majority of them are much stronger and sweeter. This one, at least, tastes somewhat natural. Regardless, it still seems a little too bold in my opinion.

If you’re not a fan of real eggnog, then chances are you are not going to enjoy this at all. If, like me, you do enjoy the real thing, you’ll probably be inclined just to drink actual eggnog instead of coffee with an imitation flavor. This is the first real miss that I’ve encountered from Bones. But to be fair, this is a really hard flavor to pull off.


Score: 2 out of 4

Would buy again?: No. The flavor here is actually pretty well done, but it’s just too thick and rich for my tastes. I think it might have been better if it was dialed back a bit and blended with a mild vanilla spice. But it is what it is. Some people are bound to enjoy this. I’m not one of those people.


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