Nerd Fuel: Bones Coffee – Gingerbread Man

Christmas is almost here! Working the overnight shift makes it hard to keep track of the days. But, Christmas morning is only two days away and that means there’s only two varieties left to try in the Bones Coffee holiday sampler. Tonight finds me pouring a cup of Gingerbread Man. Gingerbread is a classic holiday treat. It’s one that always pairs well with hot cup of coffee. As you might expect, it only seems natural to pair the two. So let’s see how this classic combination fares.

As usual, the foundation for this coffee is a blend of medium roast beans. From the very beginning, it gives off the pleasant aroma of ginger/spice. The scent is a pretty accurate indicator of what to expect from the flavor. But I found that flavoring in this coffee was not quite as bold as you’d initially expect. The taste of ginger and holiday spice is certainly present, but it’s not as in-your-face as some other holiday coffees. In fact, it’s very mild. This coffee does indeed taste like a ginger snap, but it’s very subtle. The real twist comes later, as the coffee also has an herbal/spicy aftertaste that actually seems to be a more prominent than the gingerbread itself.

The mild flavor profile seems to work here. I suspect if the flavors were more prominent in this brew they would end up being quite overpowering. Personally, I’m not a real fan of gingerbread. So this coffee didn’t do much for me. But for those of you that look forward to such things, this might be right up your alley.


Score: 3 out of 4

Would buy again?: Probably not. But only because I’m not a gingerbread lover. If that is your sort of thing, you should certainly give this coffee a try.

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