Nerd Fuel: Bones Coffee – Oh Fuuudge!

A Christmas Story. It’s a holiday classic that we’ve all seen a hundred times. It is a film beloved by countless families (mine included), and it’s also the inspiration for this seasonal flavor from Bones Coffee; Oh Fuuudge!

As you might expect by the name, this coffee was made to replicate the taste of fresh chocolate fudge – a fact that’s immediately obvious upon opening the bag. The chocolate aroma of this coffee is very strong, but it’s not overpowering. Subtly mixed in with the whiff of chocolate fudge is a hint of hazelnut. It’s a perfect blend that makes for an absolutely magical smelling brew.

The aroma of this coffee mirrors the taste almost exactly. The beans themselves are a medium roast that blend perfectly with the nutty/fudge flavoring. Again, I’m not sure how Bones manages to pull it off, but the flavor of this coffee is high quality with no phoney aftertaste. The final result is a smooth, velvet-like brew with a deliciously sweet twist.

Lots of people go absolutely crazy for chocolate. I typically don’t. Don’t get me wrong, chocolate is great. But when I get cravings for something, it’s usually something savory, not sweet. Regardless, after first sampling this coffee I found myself craving more throughout the day. The flavor of this brew is just that good. It might actually be the best coffee from Bones that I’ve tried so far.

Score: 4 out of 4

Would buy again?: Oh yes. I have nothing but praise for this one. Quality coffee beans with a rich chocolate/hazelnut flavor. Absolutely top-tier. This is probably one of Bones’ best offerings yet.


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