Nerd Fuel: Mystic Monk – Jingle Bell Java

I know that I’ve flooded the site with coffee reviews lately. “Where are the game reviews?” – I hear you asking. Rest assured, they are on the way. And yes, I know that Christmas is over. But, before moving on to other things, I have ONE MORE holiday coffee to talk about!

Last year, I reviewed a brew by Mystic Monk. Mystic Monk Coffee is actually made by a group of Carmelite Monks in Wyoming. They’ve been supporting their monastery by roasting and selling coffee since 2007. And as you might expect from a group of Catholic monks, they have a Christmas flavor; Jingle Bell Java.

Jingle Bell Java is a medium roast coffee blended with white chocolate, holiday spice, and bourbon flavors. The coffee has a sweet, nutty smell during the brewing process. It’s a pleasant aroma. But if I’m being honest, it smells more like a cheap cappuccino mix than a high quality coffee when put to the nose. Thankfully, the taste proves to be the exact opposite. This coffee is smooth, pleasant and very tasty. The flavor is an odd one to nail down. To my tongue, it seems more like a mix of mild white chocolate and hazelnut. The bourbon and spice is there, but it’s barely detectable (at least to me). Regardless, it’s absolutely delicious!

The quality of this coffee cannot be understated. The coffee beans seem to be high quality and the flavoring is well balanced and doesn’t taste cheap and fake. This is the perfect brew for frosty mornings or late winter nights. In fact, it’s so good that it has put Mystic Monk back on my radar. I think I’ll explore some of their other offerings in the months to come.

Score: 4 out of 4

Would buy again?: Yes. This a seriously good tasting coffee. It’s mild, but tasty. It’s perfect as a traditional hot brew but would be just as good over ice with lots of milk. This flavor is only available during the holidays, so it may be hard to find out of season.

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