Nerd Fuel: Bones Coffee – Holy Cannoli

It’s no secret that Bones Coffee has quickly become one of my favorite coffee brands. Their quality beans and unique flavors have put them on the top of my list. Whenever I see a new flavor pop up in their store, I always make it a priority to buy some as soon as possible. That’s exactly what I did with today’s coffee review, Holy Cannoli.

I’ll state right up front that I love cannoli. I’m a fan of the flaky crust, the ricotta cheese filling, you name it. Here in the US, many bakeries tend to use a sweetened Italian cream instead of the bolder ricotta cheese that you find in more authentic restaurants. But that’s ok too. I love Italian cream.  In fact, a sweet Italian cream is pretty much the only coffee creamer that I use in my coffee. That being said, I worry that I’ll be a little critical with any coffee claiming to have the taste of an authentic cannoli. So, let’s see how Bones Coffee scores this time around.

To start with, the smell of this coffee is absolutely stellar. The scent of the coffee grinds blends perfectly with the rich and sweet aroma of the Italian cream. This effect is amplified during the brew process. However, once poured into the cup, the buttery cream scent seems to dominate everything else (in a good way).

The flavor is very light and airy. Time time around, it is front and center, overshadowing the beans considerably. This is true even when served black, but the effect increases as more milk or creamer is added. Still, the “cannoli” flavor doesn’t come off as oversweet or artificial. It’s fascinating to me how Bones Coffee is able to dish out all these flavors while avoiding the phony, syrupy taste that so many other coffee houses tend to deliver. However, even though the flavor is one of high quality, some drinkers are probably going to find it to be a bit too rich. Personally, it’s not an issue for me at all. Everything in this cup blends very well together. The taste of cannoli is silky and delicious, without being too sickly sweet. All in all, it’s an excellent cup of coffee.

Holy Cannoli is not my favorite offering from Bones Coffee, but it’s certainly a very good one. It’s easily makes the list of my top five flavors from the company.


Score: 3 out of 4

Would buy again?: Yes. A sweet, and rich coffee that does a fantastic job of mimicking the flavor of the legendary Italian dessert. This one is a bit more intense than some of their other coffees, and it may not be for everyone. But it makes for a wonderful dessert coffee. This is one that would shine over ice. Just… keep the gun at home.

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