Nerd Fuel: Starbucks – Spring Day Blend

You know me. I’m a sucker for limited edition/seasonal coffees. In the past Starbucks has produced some pretty interesting seasonal options. I’m a big fan of their various blonde roasts and several of their fall and winter varieties. So when I saw their new Spring Day Blend on the store shelf, I knew it was something that I’d have to try.

Spring Day Blend is a medium roast coffee that’s advertised as having a “dusted cocoa and dried fruit” flavor to it. During the brew process, the aroma for fruit is certainly there, but it’s overpowered by the smell of beans (which in this case is very heavy and rich). In fact, this coffee actually smells quite a bit like a dark roast when brewing. But, upon tasting the coffee, it is obviously a medium roast. Even so, it does retain a pretty bitter, burnt-like quality to it. At least, that was my first opinion. After getting further into the cup, I’ve decided that the bitterness doesn’t come from over-roasting. But perhaps it is the “dusted cocoa” flavor that’s advertised on the box. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. The aftertaste does have some fruity, semi-sweet notes, but it’s very subtle.

For a “Spring coffee”, I personally find this one to be a bit too bold for my tastes. But I can’t deny the craftsmanship that’s gone into it. The flavor is very complex and masterfully balanced. Plenty of people are going to love this blend. And while I respect the complexity of it, it’s just not my style.

Still, if you like darker, richer flavors, this coffee is certainly worth your attention. It won’t be around much longer, so get a box while you still can.


Score: 3 out of 4

Would buy again?: No. This is one of those weird cases when I can recognize just how good this coffee actually is. But, it simply doesn’t suit my palate. That being said, if you like bitter cocoa-like brews,  this probably exactly what you’re looking for. Still, it seems to be an odd choice for a Springtime release.

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