Nerd Fuel: Donut Shop – Cookie Dough So Delicious

To date, the original Donut Shop coffee remains one of my favorite K-Cups. Aside from their signature blend, they’ve also produced a number of various flavors under their “Donut Shop” branding. Over the years I’ve tried several of these spin-off coffees and had mixed feelings about most of them. But still, I’m a sucker for something new and when I saw their latest Cookie Dough So Delicious flavor, I knew I had to try it out.

Like most flavored coffees, this is a medium roast. In fact, it seems to be the standard Donut Shop with some artificial flavoring added. The sweet “cookie dough” aroma is immediately detectable upon brewing. But it is mild and it actually smells pretty authentic. I’ll be honest, this surprised me a bit. Most of the these flavored donut shop tend to have a pretty overpowering scent to them. This one did not.

The flavor of the coffee is sweet and it does taste quite a bit like cookie dough! There’s no noticeable aftertaste, which also surprised me. All too often flavored coffees tend to have a residual taste that I find very unappealing. This was not the case with this coffee. Still, this recipe is probably much sweeter than most coffee snobs will find acceptable. I would easily define this one as a dessert coffee. In fact, it reminds me less of a home brewed drink and more of one of those flavored cappuccino drinks you find at gas stations or at a cheaper coffee house. I know I say this often about flavored coffees, but this particular K-Cup is probably best served chilled. The flavor profile lends itself better to that type of presentation.

If you enjoy dessert coffees or want something you can give to the kids, this is one you should check into. It doesn’t really pair well with a meal. But it has potential to please your sweet tooth.


Score: 3 out of 4

Would buy again?: Maybe. This isn’t the kind of coffee I would drink on a daily basis. But, it certainly has its place.


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