FFXIV: Version 6.4 Update

It’s that time again! A new major update to Final Fantasy XIV is here and, even though it took me a bit longer than normal, I’m here to break it down and share my thoughts. As far as version updates go, this patch is pretty standard. All of the usual updates and expected fixes are present and we really don’t have anything too exceptional added to the mix this time around. But regardless, let’s take a look at what’s included:

  • New main scenario and side quests
  • New trials
  • New raid
  • A new regular dungeon
  • New emotes, hairstyles, etc
  • New items, furnishings, etc
  • Various refinements, balancing changes, items, and Q.o.L tweaks

At first glance, it seems that this update is pretty light when it comes to brand new content. Patch 6.45 is actually scheduled to include things like a new variant dungeon, new Blue Mage updates, and new Manderville weapon quests – but none of that is actually present in this current build. Still, what is included is actually pretty engaging stuff.

The story content that was released in 6.3 felt a bit empty in my opinion. Thankfully, that is not a complaint I have with this update. The new main scenario quests in this patch are finally starting to tie up all of the loose ends from the post-Endwalker story. Up to now, I’ve really felt that this new storyline was dragging its feet. So, having things kicked into gear a bit with this update is a very good thing.

Both the new dungeon and the new raid content are extremely well done. For me, many of the endgame raids often feel a bit boring after a few runs, but these new Pandaemonium fights were actually pretty darned good. The bosses themselves are interesting and the mechanics were quite fun to learn. All too often, I feel that some of these fights are repetitive. That was not the case with this round of battles.

Usually, the patch cycle for FFXIV tends to alternate – one patch being very heavy in content, while the next focuses mainly of fixes. 6.3 was a pretty fix-heavy patch. So, I really expected there to be more new stuff added to this released. Much to my surprise, however, 6.4 really only seemed to bring more refinements to the game. There was nothing new included in this release that stood out (other than some pretty good storyline). If I had to guess, I suppose it’s because we’re just one more patch away from the tail end of the post-Endwalker content. I’m sure SE plans to go all out for 6.5. So, having a pretty lightweight update is forgivable, especially considering what we have here is quality over quantity.

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