Nerd Fuel: A Royal Christmas

Recently, my oldest son took a school trip to London and Paris. During his stint in England, he visited Windsor Castle. Knowing my love for coffee, he purchased a box of java from the gift shop and brought it home. Supposedly, it is the same coffee that is enjoyed by the King of England himself. I have my doubts about this, since it is widely reported that King Charles detests coffee. Still, the idea of drinking “coffee fit for a king” is enticing.

The box is simply labeled “A Royal Christmas – Christmas Blend Coffee”. Despite my attempts, I’ve been unable to learn who actually manufactures this coffee. So, I’m afraid I can’t provide much information about it. Regardless, I was very excited to try it. So, without further delay…

This coffee did not come in pre-packaged K-cups, instead it was a simple bag of ground coffee. The bag that contained the coffee was gold in color and included a zip-seal at the top of the bag. Very nice. The grind itself wasn’t very fine and when I took a big sniff it immediately reminded me of Gevalia’s Signature Blend. This is a coffee that I’ve not reviewed on this site, but one that I’ve been intimately familiar with for years. In fact, this blend smelled so much like Gevalia Signature, that it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if I later learn that’s exactly what this is. (Just packaged under a different label).

The coffee was very aromatic during the brew process. Again, it reminded me very much of Gevalia. As far as the taste goes, there’s no doubt whatsoever that this is a blend. It’s a mild roast with a slightly smoky and fruity flavor. The flavor profile is very tame and nothing in particular jumps out. I’m at a loss as to why it’s marketed as a Christmas blend. Most of the usual “winter coffee” staples seem absent from this one. Still, it’s a solid, quality coffee. It compliments just about any meal, so it would make an excellent after dinner coffee. I would like to compare it to whatever coffee is normally sold at the Windsor Castle gift shop just to see how it differs.


Score:  3 out of 4

Would Buy Again?:  Yes. This is a tasty quality coffee. The packaging is curious but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a coffee almost any coffee drinker would enjoy. There’s nothing flashy or unique about it. But sometimes, that’s exactly what makes a good brew good.

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