DLC Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERmission

It’s been a while since I first talked about Final Fantasy VII Remake. In that time, the game has earned a stellar reputation with fans. Now, its sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is just around the corner. With this in mind, it seemed like a good time for me to finally sit down and explore the one and only proper DLC release that FFVII Remake received – Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERmission.

If you played Remake but missed this DLC, it’s certainly understandable. INTERmission was published almost a year after the initial release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It was released as part of the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade version for PS5. Confused? Allow me to explain in detail.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was originally released as a PS4 exclusive title in 2020. A year later, a new, enhanced version of the game titled Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was released for the PS5. This new version of the game includes improved visuals, shorter load times, and a special DLC chapter; INTERmission. Players who owned the original PS4 version of Remake are able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free – but doing so still only gives you access to the base game. Upgraders will need to shell out about $20 to unlock the INTERmission chapter.

Since I played FFVII Remake during its original PS4 release, I took this upgrade route once I finally managed to obtain a PS5. I waited until now to play the DLC chapter because I incorrectly thought that I would have to complete the entire game over from scratch to access it. This is incorrect. INTERmission is accessible from the main menu and does not require that you complete the main scenario. Once I realized this, it was a major facepalm moment.

INTERmission is a short 3-5 hour sidestory that focuses on the character of Yuffie. In this chapter, you play Yuffie as she makes her way to Midgard on a secret assignment from the government of Wutai. Her mission is to infiltrate Shinra headquarters and steal a valuable piece of Materia.

The DLC is split into two chapters. The first focuses on her arrival in the slums of Midgar and mostly takes place within the town itself. Here players are able to explore the slums, interact with NPCs, and participate in various mini-games. It’s very laid back.

The second chapter is the infiltration of Shinra HQ. This chapter is very combat focused and fast paced. The majority of this chapter pairs Yuffie with a new companion as they sneak around the HQ and engage in various battles.

The combat in this DLC chapter is considerably different than that from the main game. Yuffie can execute both a long-range and close-range attack. Each hit adds to a battle meter. Once the meter is maxed out, Yuffie can perform a number of special moves (use an item, cast a spell, execute a technique, etc). New techniques can be unlocked with various Materia and items. Her companion, Sonon is controlled by the CPU, but special commands can still be given.

The key to this new system is something called Synergy. This allows Yuffie and Sonon to work together and sync their attacks – often causing major damage to enemies. Providing a detailed description of exactly how this works would be rather complicated and the game does a much better job of explaining it than I can. For this reason, I’ll leave the specifics of Synergy to the game itself. Just know that this new system makes for some really fun and fast-paced action. Mastering it is truly the key to success.

The story content of this DLC is worth the price alone (even if it is a little short). But the real hidden gem of INTERmission lies in all of the various mini games that are scattered throughout it. Take the Fort Condor mini game for example. Throughout the first chapter, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge a number of NPCs to a new card/board game that’s become all the rage. Based on the “Fort Condor” scenario in the original Final Fantasy VII, this mini-game is addictive and will have you scrambling to unlock new boards and cards to use when taking on new challengers. But if that’s not enough, there’s also virtual reality battles, a treasure hunt, and several other activities to occupy your time.

At this point, with Rebirth only a month away, INTERmission is now considered to be a central part of the FFVII Remake storyline. Devs have already announced special bonuses for Rebirth players who have both a Remake and a INTERmission save game on their systems. If you have a PS5 and have not upgraded your old copy of Remake or just outright purchased FFVII Remake Intergrade now is your chance to get a leg up in time for the next entry in the series.

Often times DLC releases seem rather pointless or just downright silly. But the care and attention that went into this release is obvious. The quality of everything included here meets what is seen in the main game. When it comes to “must have” DLC releases, INTERmission is one of those that fit the bill.

Overall Impression: A quality addition to main game. A side story that re-introduces a fan-favorite character and provides new details to the main scenario, while also setting up the next entry in the series. Fun combat mechanics and plenty of mini-games to enjoy.

Value: $20 is a lot for DLC, but it’s considerably cheaper than re-buying the whole game on PS5 just for a new playable chapter. If you’re not upgrading from the PS4 release, this DLC is already included in the PS5 version. If you are upgrading, the $20 may seem steep, but trust me, it’s actually worth it.

Main Game:  Final Fantasy VII Remake

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