Review: Super Mario Bros. 2

  I still remember the day I got my first issue of Nintendo Power magazine. Not only was it MY first issue, but it was also THE first issue. Featured on the front cover of that magazine was a colorful clay sculpture of Mario and the words “Super Mario Bros. 2“. Until that moment, I had no idea that Nintendo...

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Review: Super Mario Bros – The Lost Levels

  Continuing on with my Super Mario series playthrough, I’m brought to the next installment in the series, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.  This title was originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros 2 – For Super Players. And was the original sequel to SMB. The game was intended for players who had already mastered the first Super...

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Review: Super Mario Bros.

Working on this blog and waxing nostalgic about old games really got me hankering to play. So tonight I decided to have a little quality time with my son by breaking out some old school Super Mario Bros. A couple years ago, I picked up the Mario 25th Anniversary disc for the Nintendo Wii. This collection is essentially nothing more...

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So far I’ve written about my experiences growing up with the original 8-bit NES. But naturally, like many other kids who came of age in the 80’s and 90’s, I was also the proud owner of its successor the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES was a thing of glory to behold. It boasted better graphics and better sound… I mean...

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J-Pop. AKA: Japanese pop music is another interest of mine that just won’t die. In Japan, young female Japanese singers are often called “idols”. They are often made up and dressed in a completely over-the-top fashion. I’m ashamed to admit, there’s something about these magical singing/dancing pixie-girls that enthralls me. The first time I was exposed to J-pop was days...


Gilgamesh’s Tavern

**UPDATE** Due to my general dissatisfaction with the game, I cancelled the podcast several months after the initial launch. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Wizardry franchise. In fact, writing that post had me pining for the glory days of Wizardry again. So much so, that I began researching the upcoming Wizardry Online...

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Big Update Coming

I always hate starting something only to get distracted shortly after. There has been some big stuff going on lately. I’ll be making a big announcement here on the blog this weeked. Several posts incoming as well.

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Final Fantasy

If Wizardry is considered the grandfather of western-style fantasy games. Than Final Fantasy is its far-eastern cousin. While Wizardry was rooted in classic Tolkien-style swords and sorcery, Final Fantasy can be summed up as more exotic techno-fantasy type of genre. I was introduced to the series while living in Japan. I had noticed the game in the collection of several of my...

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One fateful summer night in 1989, my friend James suggested we play a computer game on his dad’s old black-and-white Macintosh computer. After a few rounds of Chess, I spotted an interesting looking icon in the games folder and pointed it out to James, asking what it was. “Oh. That’s Wizardry,” he said. “It’s not very good. It’s too hard....

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