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Remembering the Playstation 2

It was an exciting time for gamers. During the last round of the console wars Sony had taken the throne away from Nintendo with the release of the original Playstation. Sega’s latest attempt, the Dreamcast, was innovative but destined for failure. Nintendo had announced a successor to the N64, but it was still a long ways away. As was Microsoft’s...

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Tech: My Tech Picks (Late 2016)

It’s been close to a year since my  original “Tech Picks” post in January. And a lot has changed for me when it comes to technology use. So, if you’re curious to see where I stand now on various ecosystems and my personal preferences on technology, this might interest you. Computer Platform:  Windows PC – As expected from a PC...

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Tech: My Tech Picks (Early 2016)

Since my recent posts about tech and operating systems, I thought it might be fun to elaborate on my personal tech choices. So, for those who might be curious, as of January 2016, this is what I use: Computer Platform:  Windows PC – Even though I have nothing but great things to say about Apple hardware. I find their prices...

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