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Review: Contra – Hard Corps

Completing my foray into the Contra Anniversary Collection, I’m excited to finally share my review of the elusive fan favorite, Contra – Hard Corps! This is a game that many players know by reputation only. Originally released on the Sega Genesis, Contra – Hard Corps is a game that flew under the radar for many fans of the main series....

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Review: Operation C

Still digging into the depths of the Contra Anniversary Collection, I decided to take a step back from the main series and take a good look at the first portable offering to bear the Contra name; Operation C. This game was actually released about a year before Contra III, but being somewhat of a side story to the main series, it...

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Review: Super C

I posted a couple months ago about the release of the Contra Anniversary Collection. Since that time, my oldest son and I have been playing through these games together. Last month, I posted my review of the original Contra, a true classic from the NES era. It was a game I enjoyed immensely as a kid. Well, next up on...

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