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Amazon Prime: Fallout (Season 1)

I know that I’m a few months late with this post. I apologize for that. But, I really wanted to take my time and collect my thoughts before I talked about this show. When Fallout the television series was first announced, I was both excited and skeptical. If done right, the Fallout universe would make for some seriously epic television....

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Review: Fallout 2

Having recently completed the original Fallout, I decided to plow right along into the next entry in the series. I enjoyed the first game so much, I was excited to see just what the sequel had in store. While I was not disappointed, I still ultimately found Fallout to be a better game in my personal opinion. Let’s find out...

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Review: Fallout

It is with great honor that I can finally declare myself free of one of the gravest sins a “PC Gamer” can commit. That sin is: never playing Fallout. The Fallout series is heralded as a favorite among gamers. But somehow, the original title, and thus the series as a whole, slipped under my radar. Since I’m currently undergoing a...

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