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Superman II

One my biggest regrets when it comes to this blog is that I don’t take enough time to focus on the movies and TV shows that I really enjoy. That’s something I want to improve as time goes on. The last time I wrote about one of my favorite childhood films was around four months ago when I discussed the...


Superman – The Movie

I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but when I was a young child, Star Wars (A New Hope) was one of the first movies that I ever remember watching. Needless to say, it had a massive impact on me as a child. But it wasn’t the only film that captured my imagination. If had to choose another movie from...

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New Feature: “It Came From Netflix…”

Today, I’m proud to announce a new feature on the site:  “It Came From Netflix…”  – This is the silly name for my long planned review of strange and wonderful things that can be found deep in the dark depths of the Netflix streaming library. Of course, there are other streaming services like Hulu that also carry some obscure and...

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