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Retro Rewind: Game Boy & Game Boy Color

So far in my Retro Rewind series, I’ve covered everything from coin-op arcade machines to home consoles. Over the course of the eighties and into the nineties, both Nintendo and Sega continued to innovate and dazzle consumers with better graphics and improved processing power. But of course, enjoying the games available on these systems required the player to be in...

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Review: Wario Land 3

It is so easy to get hung up on RPGs and other complex games that it’s possible to forget about some of the more simpler titles out there. I recently wound up my review for Xenogears, a game that took me several months to complete. By the time I was finished, I knew I wanted my next playthrough to be...

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Review: Wario Land II

Next on my catch-up list is Wario Land II, a quirky little game that serves as both a sequel to Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land and the start of Wario series proper. I have read that Wario Land II was originally released as a standard Game Boy title sometime in 1998 then later ported to Game Boy Color in...

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