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Review: Hexen II

The next stop on the nostalgia train brings us to another game designed using the Quake engine and the third installment in the Heretic/Hexen series; Hexen II. As I mentioned, Hexen II was designed using a refined build of the GL Quake engine. Aside from out-of-the-box acceleration, we also a few new features such as semi-transparent water, interactive and destructible...

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Review: Hexen – Beyond Heretic

Rounding out my review of the original Doom-Engine games, we are brought to another FPS classic, Hexen. Hexen serves as a semi-sequel to Heretic. In this game, you play one of three heroes on their quest to defeat the second Serpent Rider, Kronos. Hexen is similar to Heretic in many ways, but it is also just as unique. Again, the...

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