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Review: Contra III – The Alien Wars

Still grinding away at the Contra Anniversary Collection, we are brought to the third entry in the series; Contra III – The Alien Wars. This game marks a very interesting chapter in the franchise. While the overall gameplay will feel familiar to fans of the series, there’s a number of major changes that really turn the whole Contra experience on...

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Review: Super C (Super Contra)

I posted a couple months ago about the release of the Contra Anniversary Collection. Since that time, my oldest son and I have been playing through these games together. Last month, I posted my review of the original Contra, a true classic from the NES era. It was a game I enjoyed immensely as a kid. Well, next up on...

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My Thoughts on the P.T. demo

  In the last few days, a mysterious demo appeared for download on PS4. Known only as P.T. – this interactive “Playable Teaser” ended up taking the Internet by storm. Curious about all the hype surrounding it, I decided to check it out for myself. What we actually have hear is a short little teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill...

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