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Review: Metroid Fusion

No, you didn’t read the title wrong. I’m actually reviewing Metroid Fusion! How long has it been since I last discussed a game in the Metroid series? Can you believe it has been eight years since I posted my review for the legendary Super Metroid?! That’s certainly a long time, but it’s not that I’m lazy. As you know, I...

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Review: Super Metroid

Next up, we have the infamous Super Metroid. This is a game that I actually never managed to acquire back in the day. Instead, I had a friend that left it at my house for about year. (LOL.) So yes, I did play it. But I did not own a copy until its virtual console release on the Wii. Recently,...

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Review: Metroid

  I love looking back at the these old games. When I think of classic NES titles, Metroid is one that immediately comes to mind. I received my first NES as a Christmas present and Metroid is one of the games I received along with it. It has captivated me ever since. In Metroid, you play the galactic bounty hunter,...

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