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Star Wars – A New Hope

I’ve been hinting at discussing some of my favorite films on this site for quite some time. Well, the day has finally arrived! This post is going to the be the first of many where I share my thoughts on the movies that opened my eyes to things like science fiction, fantasy, and just badassery in general. The first film...

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It Came From YouTube: Cobra Kai

For my second “It Came From…” entry, I’m going to change things up a bit. I’m jumping from Netflix to YouTube. That’s right, in case you weren’t aware, there actually is a paid version of YouTube called “YouTube Red”. Until recently, there was never a lot of discussion about it as a platform because… well, there was really nothing of...

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Star Wars: The Official Canon

A few months back, I wrote a short entry regarding the state of the Star Wars canon. Disney made the announcement that they were “rebooting” the Star Wars timeline so to speak. This meant that all of the comic books, novels, and other story properties were no longer “official” in any way shape or form. However, they did announce that all future publications were...

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