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Review: Resident Evil Zero

Halloween is almost here! You know what that means, it’s time to review a horror game! Deciding which game to play through this time was no easy task. Looking through my backlog, there were a number of great spooky titles released for the PS2/GameCube/Xbox platforms. But in the end, I decided to go down some familiar territory and stick with...

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Review: Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis

Halloween is tomorrow! And my household has been celebrating the season in full swing. The decorations are up, the jack-o-lanterns are carved and the sweet smell of pumpkin spice flows through the air. I’ve spent several caffeine fueled nights playing through the third entry of the Resident Evil franchise. Now, my review is here. I last reviewed a Resident Evil...

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Review: Resident Evil 2

Back in November I reviewed the original Resident Evil game. Today, I’m going to take a look at the sequel. As most gamers are aware, the first Resident Evil proved to be an extremely successful game.  It spawned a slew of sequels, remakes, and even films. The original game has gone down in history as a classic. So, you might...

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