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Review: Silent Hill 2

Today is a special day. My backlog has finally brought me to a game that is nothing short of legendary. I’m talking about Silent Hill 2. As most of my readers will know, the Silent Hill series is held in high regard among gamers. But this particular chapter in the series is often considered to be one of the greatest...

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Review: Silent Hill

Happy Halloween! I’m keeping with my tradition and reviewing a spooky game for the month of October. It’s always my goal to try to do as many as possible but sometimes due to work and other schedule demands, I’m not always able to accommodate more than one title. But fear not! With so many PS-era titles to choose from, I’m...

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My Thoughts on the P.T. demo

  In the last few days, a mysterious demo appeared for download on PS4. Known only as P.T. – this interactive “Playable Teaser” ended up taking the Internet by storm. Curious about all the hype surrounding it, I decided to check it out for myself. What we actually have hear is a short little teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill...

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