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A word on emulation

Ever since I started this blog I’ve always made it a point to campaign against piracy. It should go without saying that I, like so many of my readers, love video games. And aside from a few indie titles, the majority of games are created by big development companies. These companies spend a huge amount of money on research and...

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2022 Look Ahead

2021 was an odd year for the site. In terms of gaming, progress on my backlog was slower than in previous years, but still fairly steady. Several of the games I played and reviewed were chock full of content and took quite a while to digest. Despite this, a number of them were Class A titles that I’ve looked forward...

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Site Update: Progress Report

I want to apologize for the turn around time of new posts. As I mentioned last month, I’m currently undertaking a vast update to the contents of the site. Legacy posts are being updated to the new layout. At the time of this writing, I’m almost halfway done. Once this project is complete, new posts will resume at the regular...

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Site Updates 2020

Just a quick note to explain the slower-than-normal release of new content to the site. Yes, I’m still gaming and working on new reviews. But in addition to that, I’m also working on a major modernization to much of the previous content from years past. Back when this site first launched, the internet was a different place. High-speed ISPs were...

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Site Update

I’m currently testing a new layout and theme for the site. This should give everything a more modern look and feel. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to reply to this post and drop me a line!

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Catching up with Star Wars

Over the last year or so, I’ve really fallen behind on my Star Wars related posts. For quite a while I was pretty consistent with my reviews of Star Wars comics and novels. But somehow, I let time get away from me. Starting next month, I’m going to be playing catch up. I’ll be picking up the pieces and posting...

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Spring 2019 Update

A few months ago, when I completed my initial playthroughs for the PS1/N64 era, I introduced the “Retro Flashback” series of articles on this site. This was my way to sort of play catch up before starting to dive into the next generation of gaming. So far, I’ve covered the golden age of video games with coin-op classics and a...

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I’m on Twitch!

It’s official. I’m on Twitch! I’ve updated the “Stream” button at the top of the site with a link to my official Twitch page. But you can also follow this link:¬†OldGameHermit on Twitch! At this time, my streaming schedule is pretty inconsistent. I typically stream on weekdays between the hours of 2:00-4:00pm EST. I hope to have a more concrete...

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Announcement: Streaming Starting Soon!

Due to popular demand, I’m happy to announce my intentions to enter the world of livestreaming! Starting next month, I’ll begin getting my feet wet by streaming some gameplay on Twitch and posting “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, but I didn’t really know where to start or how I...

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Project: Ultima

For the most part, when I play and review games from my backlog on this site, I do so by generation. For example, some of my earliest reviews tackled classic NES games. Next, I moved on to Super NES titles, etc. Occasionally, I’ll go off on tangents as I did back in 2012, when I undertook the task of playing...

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