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Review: Wolfenstein

I had planned to spend the next few posts focused exclusively on PS1 games, but I have to admit I’ve been sidetracked due to a few new releases. Often, I will place new PC games on the back burner for a bit. This allows many of the zero-day bugs to get worked out as well as the price to go...

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Review: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

I’m slowly whittling away at the cache of PC games sitting in my desk drawer. After this review, there’s only two more I plan to play through before setting my sights on more turbulent waters. For this review, I spent a good week playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Ever since I posted my review of the classic Wolfenstein 3D, I’ve...

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Review: Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny

When people think about PC gaming, they often think about LED-laden water-cooled rigs running the latest version of Windows. Well, my first “PC gaming” experience actually occurred on a dusty old Macintosh at a friend’s house. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, that is where I was introduced to Wizardry. But it wasn’t long after my brush with the Mac that...

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